Culvert cistern – helping Jason install a culvert cistern

Here are a few clips I took of a culvert cistern install for my buddy Jason. I wasn’t able to get every step of the process since I was helping and didn’t want to add extra time to his project by asking people to start and stop when the ‘camera’ was ready… as well as not being there for the follow up days of form removal, etc,. But it might at least give you a general idea of the basic steps of the process with a few notes of the unfilmed aspects, etc,.

Unfilmed portions include site prep, form building, pvc assembly, lid install and interior rubber sealing, PVC rain diversion pipes, etc,. But hopefully, even without those pieces this might give you enough of an idea to see if this might be something you’ll want to do. As always, thanks for watching:)


I own 100% of the video and music content in this video. My brother in law, Trey Harris is talent behind the musical pieces:)


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