Did $NEO Just Fork?!? Genesis Mining NOT Profitable | AT&T Crypto Theft ⚠️ Foreshadow FLAW! $NPXS

Did NEO just FORK?!? Coinbase DID and new wallet, Populous up, Genesis mining no longer profitable, WAVES preview, Steve Jobs, Intel Forseshadow flaw, AT&T crypto theft, crypto news, and meow!
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0:25 Markets: Populous (PPT) Ethereum Classic (ETC)
2:10 NEO Fork:
4:57 Coinbase DID:
6:07 Goodbye Toshi:
7:38 Caradano (ADA) Icarus:
8:32 Ethereum (ETH) Casper news:
9:46 WAVES preview:
10:00 PundiX (NPXS):
10:54 Genesis Mining:
11:54 AT&T Crypto Theft:
13:30 Intel’s Foreshadow Flaw:
15:13 ANKR Token Tank:
17:18Steve Jobs full video:
18:46 Crypto News: LINE, Malta, Tai SEC, ICO charts
21:45 Ask Token Tank Questions HERE 👉

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Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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