Dragonfly Language Video Flashcards: French Volumes 1 & 2

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The fastest and easiest way to build vocabulary! Dragonfly Language Video Flashcards are the perfect supplement for students, travelers, and homeschoolers learning a foreign language. Video Flashcards are an easy and fun way to learn over 1400 common words and hear them spoken by a native speaker. Flashcards use repetition to create links between words and concepts. Dragonfly Language Video Flashcards use memorable images and native voices to engage both sides of the brain, which accelerates learning and improves retention. Students will pick up the language quickly and with less effort than traditional methods.

Dragonfly Language Video Flashcards are fun, easy, portable, and convenient. Students will look forward to turning on the TV for their lesson, and challenging themselves to test their memory. Homeschooling parents can enjoy a break while their child learns in front of the TV, or even in the car on the way to soccer practice. Best of all, Dragonfly Language Video Flashcards are affordable, costing less than most language software and textbooks!

French Volumes 1 and 2 teach more than 1400 common and useful words for beginning to advanced learners. There are 64 lessons in total, each about 8 minutes long, including reviews and a final quiz to test your memory.

Visit us on the web for more information at: www.dragonflylanguage.comOver 1400 French Words
64 Lessons
Includes 12-page Quiz Guide for each DVD

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