Ethereum Mining Guide – How To Mine Ethereum (ETH) On Linux and Mac: Beginner’s Guide to Ethereum Mining

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In this second installment of our DIY Ethereum mining guide, we’ll investigate the way to install and piece Linux to setup your rig as an automatic, remotely-manageable appliance. do not be dissuaded if you’ve got ne’er used Linux before-our stepwise guide makes it simple!

Why Linux over Windows? initial, it’s free-and saving ~$100 on the software system may be a huge and once you are making an attempt to maximise gain. alternative reasons embody lesser hardware necessities (Linux is dead happy running from a USB stick blocked into ancient hardware!), less complicated remote administration capabilities, and ofttimes higher stability. The draw back of running Linux is that video driver support is not on constant level as Windows, and things like GPU undervolting square measure trickier (but still potential via BIOS mods).

If you uncomprehensible the hardware portion of our guide, make certain to ascertain it out initial. Otherwise, read on.

Linux Setup
Mac Setup

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