Hashpower Transfer For Cryptonight Users. Genesis Mining Mining Allocation

To our CryptoNight users: We are a hashpower provider, and when you purchased hashpower you may have had the impression that we are providing Monero mining regardless of any algorithm changes. Unfortunately, all purchased CryptoNight hashpower became incompatible with the original Monero (XMR) protocol after its ASIC-resistance fork and you were unable to continue mining. To avoid future confusion and make up for this situation we decided that:

1) We will make it more clear what hashpower you are buying and which cryptocurrencies are running which algorithm
2) We are replacing our existing ASIC hardware setup with a GPU infrastructure that is compatible with mining Monero natively, and update your contracts for free.
3) You will receive three additional months of mining as compensation.

This is a costly and time intensive process, so we thank you for your patience and hope that you are happy with our commitment.

Please refer to the blog post for more information:

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