Quilter’s Pressing Pad 8″x8″x1/2″ by Its Time to Quilt – 100% Wool Ironing mat-Holds Heat When Pressing to Provide Professional Results with Ease-Conveniently Sized for Travel

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Pressing effectively – As a quilter, we know how important it is to press our pieced items effectively.  It can make a tremendous difference in how the quilt lays, how it measures when completed, etc.

Time efficiency – Because you are effectively ironing both sides at the same time the result is quicker and earns better results.

Convenience and portability – Many quilters travel with their quilting “gear” and will value the portability of this handy pressing pad.  Whether it is to your Quilting Bee, Guild Meeting, or a Quilt Retreat/Cruise, it will fit nicely in your sewing machine bag.

Best Quality – We know this 100% Wool Pressing pad is the Best Quality and will last a lifetime, so if you have any product issues, we’re very happy to either provide a refund or a replacement!

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Quilter’s love this pressing pad and it doesn’t matter whether you use steam or no-steam as the result is still crisply pressed seams. Heat is trapped in the pressing pad and then radiates back up to the underside of the fabric therefore, effectively ironing both sides at the same time.
Dense interlocking wool fibers of this pad hold the fabric to minimize stretching while ironing. Stretching often happens with half-square triangles and piecing done on the fabric bias but this portable ironing pad helps to prevent that leaving crisp seams without stretching. It’s perfect for the small Dear Jane blocks.
This thick wool pad is ideal for blocking your embroidery or yarn projects as they can be pinned directly into the wool pad. Because there is some “give” to the wool surface, when ironing embroidery projects there is less chance of losing the dimension to the embroidery, while not flattening the threads.
Satisfaction Guarantee: Our Pressing pad is backed by our manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee.

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